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Welcome to WORD PLAY
Languages for Kids

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WORD PLAY Languages for Kids

Word Play is a leading instructor of foreign language (Spanish, German and French) and sign language to children in the Denver metropolitan area. As a privately held company, we offer our services in partnership with the most forward looking and advanced elementary schools and districts in the metro area.

Word Play is constantly expanding its coverage area and service offerings. Word Play has expanded into the fast growing segment of providing Spanish language instruction to adults and professionals across multiple industries and businesses. Word Play also provides tutoring and one-on-one instruction on a case-by-case individual or family basis.

In partnership with successful volunteer and experiential language learning programs, Word Play facilitates adults and families wishing to volunteer, study or learn foreign languages abroad.

Word Play is the learning and personal capacity building arm of Mindful Invest Associates, LLC (MIA, LLC). MIA invests and creates businesses that advance sustainable development for humans in communications, water, and energy.

We are:


Create a portfolio of profitable, growing businesses that advances sustainable development (social, economic, and environmental) and does not compromise opportunities for our future generations.


To be the leader in providing products and services that are innovative and technology-driven; to create value for customers, stakeholders and employees, while remaining profitable and advancing sustainability.

And Always Here to Serve …