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Welcome to WORD PLAY Languages for Kids

WORD PLAY is an Organization dedicated to teaching foreign languages to young children.

As the name implies, we have found that children can and do learn quickly and retain what they have learned when the lessons are organized as play. Although we make our foreign language materials and the learning experience that goes along with them fun, our company's mission is quite serious. As our world grows smaller and global trade and communications bring the nations of the world into community, knowledge of languages other than English becomes critical to an individual's success in school, in business and in life.

Of course, at WORD PLAY we realize that the child is just starting out on the road that will eventually lead to college and to an involved, creative, constructive life in a world we can now only imagine. Our immediate goal is to provide an experience that is fun; that is high adventure for the developing mind.

WORD PLAY implements and manages foreign language programs throughout the Denver-metro area. We also develop and distribute various language learning materials. For those who would like to manage their own program, we have all inclusive foreign language kits available. These kits include everything one will need, down to the last detail, in order to implement a foreign language program at any pre-school, daycare, church group or playgroup. Materials are available for Spanish, French or German.